Springtime Brings New Life

March brings great anticipation as the bitter cold of winter begins to ease, and the ground begins the slow thaw, welcoming the growth and renewal of springtime. Determined shoots of bulbs that sat dormant through the freeze begin to push their way above ground, bringing vibrant color as they bloom—brilliant purple, yellow, and red.

These harbingers of spring bring with them hope for new life. They also indicate that life is beginning to awaken beneath the frost-crusted earth. Important movement is happening beyond what the eye can easily see. This quietly powerful shift is at the heart of the spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon.

Spiritual Meaning of the Worm Moon

Native Americans named each full moon to recognize what was happening in nature during that time. Acknowledging these nature-based naming practices allows an increasingly disconnected culture the opportunity to remember the seasons and the lessons offered. The Worm Moon garners its name from the worms that riggle through the warm soil as the seasons change from frosty winter to brilliant spring. Worms are a vital part of a healthy soil’s ecosystem. Their wriggling movement creates important space in the soil, and they are consummate recyclers, transforming waste into the crucial nutrients plants require for healthy growth.

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As the Worm Moon sits in the sky, full of reflected brilliance, this is a time to remember that bringing movement to a situation can create the foundation for massive change. The spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is a reminder of how change can happen underneath the surface, even if it is not seen or recognized.

Worm Moon Practice

As the waxing of the moon nears completion, consider spending some time in contemplation of the spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon. This practice can be done in the days leading up to the full moon and for a couple of days after.

Create a space for your practice. Arrange a corner of your living room or bedroom so that there is a cozy space for you to sit, either on a cushion on the floor or in a chair. Have a candle on a flat surface and a lighter or matches nearby. Keep a soft blanket folded on the chair or cushion, and have a cozy pair of socks available.

Once the light of day has faded, sit in stillness and darkness, wrap yourself in your blanket, and wear your socks if you feel a slight chill. Reflect for a few moments on the subtle movement within you. You might notice your breath as it moves through your lungs, as your belly expands to make space for the movement of your diaphragm. You may notice movement in your stomach or intestines or feel the blood pulsing through your circulatory system.

After spending a few minutes with this subtle and internal movement, light your candle and let your gaze hold the flickering of the flame. Allow your attention to be fully immersed in the subtle, quiet movement of the burning wick.

Close your eyes and ask yourself if subtle shifts are occurring within you on the level of the unseen. Are there areas of your life that feel frozen and stagnant and need worm energy to create a shift? Contemplate these ideas as you sit with the full worm energy and invite the lunar forces to help you create more space, movement, and life in your being.

Springtime brings a much-anticipated return to life, and the spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon is a subtle yet powerful reminder of the early stirrings of that life, a return to hope for a fresh start. New beginnings often begin at the subtle level of the unseen, a hidden movement that shifts in the darkness to make way for new life.


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