To My Old Self

I’m sorry for allowing people to hurt you so many times. I’m sorry for all the wrong decisions that you’ve made because you were not wise enough before. I hope you’ll learn to forgive yourself someday. I hope you’ll heal from all your trauma. And I hope you’ve learned from all the mistakes that you’ve made in your past.
Someday, I hope you’ll learn to love yourself after all the heartbreaks that you’ve been through. I know sometimes it’s hard to forget the painful things that happened to you, but it takes time to heal. I hope one day you’ll learn to find your worth again. You were too hard on yourself and you forgot that you are worth it too. One day, I hope you find the happiness that you always deserve.
I want you to know that your past mistakes and traumas doesn’t define who you are. You are more than your wounds and scars. You are more than the number of your heartbreaks. And I hope you always remember that I am so proud of you for being brave enough to stay alive. You are loved, and you are always enough.
Shiori X
Art: aon.ton_

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