Stop Looking For Solutions

What would happen
if you removed the thought ‘anxious’
and just paid attention
to these flickering sensations in the belly?
What would happen
if you took away the word ‘lonely’
and simply became fascinated
with this heavy feeling in the heart area?
What would happen
if you deleted the concept ‘sick’
or ‘broken’ or ‘wrong’
and just got curious about
the tightness in the throat
the pressure in the head
the ache in the shoulders?
What would happen
if you stopped looking for solutions
and checked to see
if there was actually a problem here?
Come out of the exhausting storyline, friend.
Come closer to yourself.
Commit sacred awareness to a single living moment.
Bring warmth to the tender place inside.
Infuse sensation
with the light of attention.
Maybe it’s not as bad as you think.
Jeff Foster
Art: Nina Zielienska-Krudysz

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