Trees and the Power Within

Through the years I have taken an inquisitive interested in how being in nature makes you feel. The benefits of nature and its formality of grounding are powerful to the souls. Each time I find myself amazed at not only how simple the process of grounding with nature transpires, but how much better I feel being around trees. I am in a state of tranquility. All the negative energy that was swirling in my head has been replaced with a sense of calmness.

Nature fills us with joy in a way the material world never can. When we talk to trees we become more of who we are.

There are Spirits dwelling within and all around Nature. There are Water Spirits, Rock Spirits, Tree Spirits, Plant Spirits, and so forth and so on. Each has its own deep wisdom and power. When we befriend these Nature Spirits, our own lives are made incredibly richer by their connection.

Have you ever noticed that when you go for a walk in the park or hike in the forest, you feel relaxed, calm, refreshed and renewed? This is the gift of the Tree Spirits who are surrounding you with the purification of air; you can feel the flowing vibrations of serenity and harmony, from within us evolved consciousness, out of love.

You can talk to trees and they can talk to you. You can also enlist their aid and their incredible strength – and most importantly, you can help them in return. Trees are, simply remarkable beings! They are ageless, patient, strong, serene, loving, giving, nurturing and kind. Your life can be renewed and rewarded by befriending the trees.

So how are we to communicate with trees you might ask? Through LOVE (The Universal Language), with inspiration, with passion, humor and playfulness – all the range of positive human emotions. Please bear in mind that when connecting with Tree Spirits, one must not do so in a hollow, unfeeling manner. One must sincerely put their heart, soul and love into the prayer for it to be truly heard. This is the language the trees understand.

I have felt their strength flow through me in times of weakness, their love and concern in times of despair. I have embraced their warmth and affection. I have sat with them in stillness and just breathe life.

This is why, when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I go outdoors. I take off my shoes(weather permitting)and walk barefoot in nature. I embrace the tree with a loving hug and tend to whisper to them how I am feeling or what I am thinking.

As I wander through the wonders of my backyard or the forest trails, I make my way over to a beloved tree. I gently place my arms around the tree or give it a gentle touch and ask the tree to recalibrate my vibration to match that of the earth’s vibration. 

I can feel a pulsation in my hands and then can feel the ‘pulse’ flowing from my toes to the top of my head. This helps ground me to the earth, calming me down with good vibes that never ceases to amaze me. How simple it is to become grounded and more mindful when we take time to commune with nature. 

Walk amongst the trees often, stand or sit in reverence and contemplation, with your back touching the base of the trunk of the tree, in the reflection of your favorite tree. Speak your gratitude to it, speak your love and respect out loud to the Tree Spirit.

Trees are unique beings, their roots reach deep into the Earth to draw upon their energy. Therefore, trees know of the Deep Mysteries of the Earth. But they also know the Mysteries and the powers of the Heavens.

This may sound a bit silly to some folks, but there’s good reasons for hugging trees! When you hug a tree with an open heart, you will become aware of the flow of energy between Heaven and Earth. That is the Energy of the Universe, coursing through the tree. As you feel this flow, you can better understand the power of the world and the forces of the Universe. Tree hugging will also help to balance our own energy. Tree-hugging can grant you celestial, spiritual energy.

Not only do we hug trees to balance ourselves, but we also do it to communicate with them. There is no rule that says while you are hugging a tree you can’t be talking to it as well. Simply lean your cheek to the bark and whisper to the tree how you feel, or what you are thinking. Talk to the tree like a dear and precious friend. Open your heart and listen to what the tree has to say to you.

I have had wonderful experiences with trees. I hear the voices of trees speaking inside my mind. Other times, I hear them in my heart.  There are times when I can feel their magical embrace flowing through my being. And other times, I can’t put into words the extraordinary exchange that takes place.

Trees are magical, they have a healing power that ignites the cells in your body. It’s like feeling a boost of energy ready to start life again. Conceivably, it’s called the tree of life. Trees are sacred and are said to be the home of knowledge.  

Trees have great energy and wisdom and are believed to flow through existence. They are here for us, so embrace the love of a tree and feel it’s magic ignite the power within you. 

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