Dear Heart

Not everyone on this wide open planet is meant to understand you. Some people will never comprehend you, your magic or your feelings, no matter how vulnerable you are or how much you tear your heart open to show them.

But, that doesn’t make you unworthy.

There are some who will make you feel hard to love, hard to live with and impossible to choose fully. They will make you doubt your mind, your heart and the very blood in your veins. They will rise questions within you that gnaw at you and make doubt well in your eyes.

But, just because they are without the eyes to see you doesn’t make you any less valuable.

You see, it’s not you, it’s them.

It’s the veil of perception that clouds their eyes. The experiences that they have traveled on the planet create a filter that they look through. You can’t change them their thoughts or their opinions. And you need to remember that their opinions don’t change who you are.

I know it can be hard, especially when it comes from someone close to you. But their beliefs don’t shape your worthiness and their thoughts don’t change who you are. You are born worthy. And nothing they can say can change that.

Wrap yourself in your arms and remind yourself of how amazing you truly are. Self love is something only we can give, and during times of doubt, when we need it the most.

It can be difficult on this road called life to feel worthy of love when we are made to feel fundamentally flawed or unloveable. The truth is no part of you is flawed or unloveable. Even the parts that we are trained are “bad” or “shadow” are woven into the whole of who we are and make up part of our being. We are the sum of all our parts, not just the parts others find acceptable. Our feelings and emotions are valid. We are valid.

Never let anyone convince you otherwise.

~Ara Campbell

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