Empowering You

“Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” – Anne Frank.

Women of the Universe embrace your inner awesomeness! It is time to empower You!

Know Thyself

Many women today feel as though they have lost themselves. Maybe they gave too much in a relationship that didn’t work out. Perhaps they put too much time into work and not enough time into themselves. Maybe they feel lost in the challenges of motherhood. Regardless, many women need to spend some time getting to know themselves. Knowing yourself goes way beyond what you do or who you are. Knowing yourself means understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. How can I maintain a positive attitude? What gets you genuinely excited about life? Right now, at this very moment, what do you want most? What are you going to do about it? These are questions that the empowered woman knows the answers to because the empowered woman understands who she is as a person. It is time to empower who you rightly are.

Educate Yourself

Never ever stop learning. Freeing and expanding your mind is one of the most critical steps toward empowering yourself, so educate yourself in any way you can. Even if you don’t have a formal education, there are still plenty of ways to increase your knowledge on your own. Taking the initiative to teach yourself something new is one of the most empowering things you can do. Read books, go to the library or a bookstore, join a book club, or do research on the Internet. Why not sign up for a class that interests you? It can be as simple as knitting or as complex as physics. The point is to explore an area you have never explored before. This will expand and empower your knowledge.

Deep Connections

An empowered woman makes deep connections, both personal and professional. This means that she knows people, but it goes deeper than that. The empowered woman has a network of people that she has relationships with and can count on. They may be business relationships or personal ones; these people are inspiring and motivated. The connections that an empowered woman makes are with people whom she can help and who can, in turn, help her to become a better person. Find your circle of connections.


When you help others, you help yourself. Give back to the community in any way you can, and you will be rewarded in more ways than one. Try volunteering one day a week for a program you really believe in. Find a charity you want to support, help with events around the holidays, or organize your own community program. Volunteering is not the only way to get involved with your community. Watching your neighbor’s kids or helping a friend in need is just as significant a contribution. Open your heart to others, and they will open theirs to you. What a positively empowering act.

Dream BIG

Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. No dream is too big or unobtainable. An empowered woman knows that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do, it is merely a matter of perseverance, believing in yourself, and following your heart. If you genuinely believe in your dreams you can make them happen. But to do this, you must TRY. Listen to your heart. It was put there to empower you.

Empowering others

An empowered woman empowers others. This is difficult for some but most rewarding of all. An empowered woman can encourage other women to strive for what they want. She doesn’t pull people down but instead helps them to discover their full potential. This enables her to contribute positively to the lives of other women that she knows. Women Empowering Women is power.

Achieve your goal

An empowered woman knows what she wants. This means that she has goals and dreams for her life. They may or may not include marriage, a family, or rising up the career ladder. Regardless of what the goals are, the empowered woman knows what she wants out of life. This enables her to act in ways that will move her closer to these goals.  It is time to walk through the doors.


Most importantly, empowerment means respecting yourself. You will get run over in life if you don’t accept who you are. Respect yourself, flaws and all. The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you too. Self-respect also helps you make better life decisions, and it’s easier to stand up for yourself. It’s a real power to respect yourself.

Every woman is a pillar of strength, wisdom, compassion, and power.  Every woman can be an empowered woman.

~Diadel Kimberlee