The Journey Begins

Follow Your Own Path


The journey begins, as Mary Oliver writes “The Journey” in the element of fear. Our mission is not a ride of pure happiness but an ongoing ride of discovery. It is our trip to uncover who we are, why we are here and what life could we have. It comes with many directions, emotions, indifference, and distractions to find and identify which ones are valid for us.

The journey begins with worryshould I do this,” dismayCan I do this,” or even panicI can’t do this.” Yet in the end, the journey begins to merge upon itself in its own time. Surprisingly, we start to notice that we are in the midst of the beginning of our new adventure.

Begin your journey here, at Aligning Within. Here is where you will discover yourself, you’re genuine, authentic self. Here is where you can feel the elements of fear and happiness among all of the writing pieces, new articles, and inspiring stores written by other women, just like you. You will discover ways of aligning yourself with the earth and the energy that encircles us in sheer essences. Come, begin the journey and find YOU within us.

~Diadel Kimberlee

the Journey by Mary Oliver