Aligning Within

Be in touch with your spiritual soul.

Understanding the Voice of Your Soul

In Sanskrit, there is a word known as ‘Jivatma,’ which essentially means Human Being.
Jiva is the human, natural part of Atma, and us is the being part of us or the Soul.
It is these two elements that make up all of who we are- on a physical level, we have a body, a mind, and emotions, and on an energetic level, we have a soul and intuition.
The walls of our body limit our Jiva side, but our Atma side is endless and contains the same infinite wisdom as the Universe.  Your Soul is an all-knowing being, and when you learn to tune into it, life does take on a whole new meaning.

Appreciating the Voice of Your Soul

Everyone’s Soul speaks to them; differently, some will receive messages in their dreams, others through mediation, and some through creative work.  There is no wrong or right way when it comes to knowing the language of your Soul, but more often than not, our Soul can speak to us through:

1. Joyfulness and Laughter

Joyfulness goes beyond happiness and into more of an electric, vibrant place. Joy allows us to feel alive, energized, and full of life. When you feel joy about a particular decision or person in your life, that is a sweet confirmation from your Soul that you are on the right path.
Following your joy is really about following the path of your Soul. Just the same, feeling fear, anxiety, or doubt may be the Soul’s way of trying to steer you in another direction.

2. Energy Levels

Do you feel vibrant, full of energy, and healthy? Start paying attention to those moments in the day when you experience a dip in your energy levels. Could it be the food you are eating? The people surrounding you? The work you are involved in? Or the constant strain of the current news?  Your Soul is energy, so it makes sense that it would communicate to you through your energy levels. Try monitoring when your energy levels drop as your Soul could be trying to send a message your way.

3. Dreams

Your Soul often does not use words; instead, it uses energy or vibration to communicate. Sometimes this can manifest in the form of images, thoughts, signs, or other moments of synchronicity.
When you are relaxed, in sleep, or meditative state, often, your Soul can come through and offer guidance, advice, and suggestions. If you continue to have reoccurring dreams and visions, this is even more of a reason to pay attention.
Just the same, seeing repeated images, number sequences, and experiencing synchronicity can also be a way that your Soul works with the Universe to guide you.

4. Creativity

Your Soul is a powerful creator, and along with other souls, it helps to create the world around us.
Our souls are always guiding us to create, whether it is through art, emotions, or new life. Allow yourself to be guided by your passions and take time out of each day to do something creative.  We are all creative beings; it is just a matter of unlocking our potential and removing any resistance.

5. Intuition

Finally, the last and most reliable way our Soul speaks to us is through our intuition.
Intuition is a feeling that goes beyond reasoning. It is that inner voice of knowing that often manifests in our stomach or heart area.
Learning to trust your intuition is essential in understanding the language of the Soul, and the more you listen and tune into it, the stronger it will become.

If your Soul is speaking to you, you need to know that awakening is normal and is the beginning of a beautiful and uncertain journey. You are not meant to travel through this route alone. One thing is sure, however, and that is your Soul is your connection to your highest self. Listening and making the necessary changes in your life, despite the fear that will inevitably surface, will lead you down a path towards an experience of more significant alignment and fulfillment.

Does this resonate with you? What has been your experience with the whisperings of your Soul?

If you could hear your Soul speak, what messages would it have for you today? The more you listen carefully to your Soul, the better you will address your needs. The Soul is the energy inside ourselves. Open it up and let it guide you.


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