The Freedom to Be Oneself

In this movement toward greater freedom, remaining faithful to love can be the anchor. Such faithfulness does not mean denying the feelings or energies that are taking place. It means choosing, in their presence, to hold something as more true, more important, more real.

Each human being contains the sacred freedom of their existence, which includes the capacity to think and feel what they choose. One may not be free to regulate certain outer events that take place, but one is always free to choose how to respond to them. Though such freedom exists as an inalienable right, human responses are often so conditioned by past experience, habits of thought, and external influences and expectations, that it is difficult to know how one would act with complete freedom. Put differently, we are so accustomed to thinking and feeling a certain way that we think we are making a free choice concerning our reactions when in fact, we are not.

Of the various factors that limit freedom, the influence of negative energies plays a significant part. These may come from within the subconscious or unconscious self, or they may come from external sources that lodge within the energy body, often in a concealed way. Both sources have the effect of skewing one’s mental and emotional responses so that they conform to negative expectations. Inner phenomenon such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, contempt, and rejection can all be amplified by such negative energies operating from a subconscious level or from an external source, while the conscious self feels that these emotional responses are entirely valid and natural.

Negative energies are not exclusively a part of the ‘natural’ self or ‘shadow’ self, as it has been called. Here is where a mistake often gets made. Because we think that a response is typical of our psyche or emotional viewpoint based on long experience with it, we believe it to be ‘us.’ This is not necessarily the case. One can carry emotional energies in the body that feel very real that have either been inherited from the past and a distant event, encounter, or person, or one can take in external negative energy that begins to simulate or replicate old negative emotional patterns so that they continually recur and one feels trapped in and by them. Such replication of an emotional pattern by external negative energy can be very subtle, creating a physical sensation in the body that corresponds to the emotion being generated without it really is one’s actual response. Such replication or simulation is a strategy of certain intruding energies that seek to gain control over one’s emotional body so that the realization of one’s true light and one’s greater freedom does not take place. Today, the intrusion of unwanted energies is happening more frequently than before, in keeping with the purification that the collective consciousness of humanity is going through. This purification can produce an upsurge of unwanted energies that are not the self that has been more hidden in the past.

For example, if one tends to feel deprived or treated unfairly by life, such a tendency might be magnified. If one tends to feel resentful of others with a sense of being justified in feeling so, such a perspective may temporarily grow stronger.

There is, however, an innate untouchable place within each human being that negative influences cannot affect. This is the place of the deeper being or soul, and it is accessed through love and trust. The choice to love can take one out of the grip of all negative influences and, if one remains aligned with it, can become a life raft in a sea of confusion, hurt, or perplexity. Such alignment is particularly needed when one feels submerged in or swept away by any negative emotion that comes upon one and seems to have a life of its own. To be in the presence of such a tidal wave is often intimidating, creating the belief that nothing can be done about it and that there is no place else within oneself to stand. This is never true.

The willingness to view one’s emotional life in terms of energies that pass through that are not necessarily the self assists the process of separating from negative emotions greatly.

In the presence of feeling ‘swept away by something unwanted, even by something that appears to have its source in the body, one needs to believe, however tentatively, that the rush of emotion is not one’s ‘natural, innate self. Such a willingness to view one’s inner life in terms of energies that pass through that are not necessarily the self assists the process of separating from these emotions greatly. One can then say to oneself: “I am FEELING this, but I am NOT this emotion.” This is an important statement because it creates a space in which one can look within the self for love and trust and begin to shift the vibration of the negative energy. Because such energy creates bodily sensations, however, it is often difficult to hold fast to the understanding that it is not the ‘self.’ Yet, this is what is needed – a shift so that one perceives all emotions as energies and holds to the principle that the deeper and truer self is not that.

Liberation into the true freedom of our own being lies in our own hands. One must first let go of beliefs that substitute a false sense of freedom for real freedom, and then pursue the path of real freedom through greater self-awareness and through the understanding that all of what one feels is not necessarily ‘real.’ Energies from near and from far can produce intense sweeps of emotion that have little to do with who the embodied self is.

In this movement toward greater freedom, remaining faithful to love can be the anchor. Such faithfulness does not mean denying the feelings or energies that are taking place. It means choosing, in their presence, to hold something as more true, more important, more real than whatever else may be going on. One must value oneself to make this shift. One must feel worthy of letting go of negative beliefs and embrace the love in one’s heart. This choice can bring forth a new identity out of the old and a new way of responding to life instead of the habit patterns of the past. It is a matter of intention and of the desire to be in life in a way that is whole, fully present, and free.

Article by: GurujiMa

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